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الخميس، 24 يوليو، 2014

Egypt with Noam Chomsky

Congressman Gerry Connolly On Egypt Coup D'etat

الاثنين، 21 يوليو، 2014

U.S. funding suspicious

Intelligence entered the market with the launch of Culture of the Cold War talk camps compete to gain the largest share in various fields, including culture. Was the so-called "cultural cold war" If the Berlin Wall fell, ending the Cold War fell into each of these applications, including the cultural war. Where the team was knocked out left-wing - of this ideological war frustrating Mozuma auditor. What necessitated shifts and left-wing figures from previous coups and turned toward liberalism. Turned in U.S. efforts to stabilize the empire. Which has necessitated the enemy, even in the absence of moral materialists enemies was the nomination of Islam and Confucianism as enemies of the civilized West. Including entailed replacing the culture war to the war on values​​. It is a war between the U.S. intelligence easier Her experiences and extensive historical and among the followers of the religion have nothing to do with all intelligence techniques
Cultural Cold War
No sooner had the Second World War foreshadow eventually declared the defeat of fascism even broke the ideological conflict between the Western democratic thought and the thought that revived the Communist victory in that war, which led to the widening dangerous for the countries of the free world that the United States emerged from the war a leader. Was the beginning of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States.
   Cultural Cold War was the face of the faces of the Cold War. Which have been allocated in the previous charge of U.S. intelligence Francis Saunders book entitled: "The CIA and the U.S. Cultural Cold War," which has been translated under the title: "Intelligence in the market culture - who pays for Mzmaren?". Book Dating for war cultural cold, which was launched winter 1947 and began the Soviets implementation of a strategy designed since 1940 (call them the Sounders head of the snake) and centered on the promotion of the ideology of the Communist, through advertising campaigns, among labor unions and women's associations and youth groups, intellectuals and the press and publishing houses. From here, was having quickly to the opening of the House of Culture in Berlin, central heating and luxurious furniture.
British cultural attaché In a report to his superiors about the Soviet House of Culture between the Soviets excel culturally all the efforts of the Allies. He adds that they have succeeded in their attempts to reach large numbers of people to erase the idea that the Russians prevailing prior uncivilized. He said that his superiors Supplement reading room of the Mlhakath cool and you need to coal for heating!. Britain emerging from war did not pay much attention to these suggestions and observations cultural, but the Americans Tlagafoha and initiated the establishment of "American Center." To begin the cultural war between the Soviet center and his American counterpart in Berlin.
   In commenting on the effectiveness of this center author says he contributed and the rest of the American cultural centers in the promotion department of European writers, Alnavrin of the Soviets, to approach America. Like André Gide, who published his book "Return of the Soviet Union" and Arthur Kuester and others.
   Then move the author to talk about the "Marshall Plan" remember what General Marshall in June 1947 in a graduation ceremony at Harvard in the context of his economic project to save Europe. Transported warning of the collapse of the values ​​that they know in the ancient world, due to continued efforts to change the face of European civilization, which they know (Soviet efforts intended, of course). In order to drop it and put the location of the violation of the human being free (ie, the concept of the free world, the U.S.). Thus concluded that General Marshall to the need for programs to help Europe prevent huge financial collapse (ie falling into communism). Here the author avoids the comparison between America's need to waste hundreds of millions of dollars, for the reconstruction of Europe in order to maintain its position, and the ability to penetrate the communist intellectuals in the ranks of being a legitimate offer them intellectually incapable of Western democracy until today to provide an alternative to him even after his fall. It also ignored the author panicking intelligence officials in the United States of breakthroughs communist intelligence services, especially the European and British. This panic has been pushing to speed up the establishment of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the month of July 1947, after one month of the announcement of the Marshall Plan. Added to tasks where the agency declared the phrase is ambiguous "serve the public interest." Allowed the ownership of the American intelligence agency and several interfaces ranging from publishing houses and radio stations, insurance companies and other institutions of the coverage that reflects the size of the extent of the influence of the evolution of the agency. And converts it to a global audience made ​​legend believed to be behind all the darkness or damage or detrimental action.
  Organization for Cultural Freedom: U.S. intelligence launched its war in the cultural idea of communist dissident Arthur Kulr that the best way to deal with the communist is recovering large numbers of intellectuals who relied Socialist Thought and disappointed by the Soviet Union. It was the biggest victory for the idea embodied the convening of the "freedom of culture" in Berlin in 1950. Was the success of the conference focused on the participation of large numbers of leftists. A post involving subtle signal their willingness to participate in the activity can not only financed by the United States. This signal is encouraging sprouted so-called "freedom of organization culture." The day I realized the importance of the agency of this organization, to attract intellectuals was hopeless to attract, so moved its headquarters from Berlin to Paris, where he secured funding from major financial institutions to cover the agency's role in it. This funding was polarized and tempting Bovrth, where it was enough to launch the awards and publishing houses and book adopting and promoting them and reward them for their services in the field of freedom of culture. And complete information center search IRD British role this organization encouraging for the issuance of magazines in developing countries, including the Journal of the Lebanese dialogue which remains exclusively edited poet Tawfiq Al-Sayegh.
The launch comprised of two activities "Organization freedom culture" to begin researched elaborate war American cultural that cost amounts can not be determined from the millions of dollars, which was born and breed to spawn a number infinity of associations and cultural institutions, anti-communist, whether it's with the knowledge and know the participants or without their knowledge. Thus begins the book by raising the details of potential conflict in the Cold War, which turned out with these institutions to the "war to possess the mind of man" (what is later called the war mentality).
This book shows that the cumulative efforts of these institutions are able to attract the vast majority of thinkers, writers, scientists and artists, so it is rare to find some of them can claim that he did not deal with these institutions or that it did not benefit from Tkadimadtha. To objectively remember little retreat consisting of intellectuals and their withdrawal from these institutions after their discovery Halviha intelligence. And give them an example of the philosopher Bertrand Russell, who submitted his resignation accepted Fourthly four times in 1956 and was in the position of honorary president of the Organization of Cultural Freedom!.
   Thus disappeared "freedom of organization culture" to replace it, according to the book list of cultural organizations nature of intelligence around the world. As assumed, "and the U.S. Agency for International Development," the task of coordination between these organizations and evaluate the feasibility of its activities and trends. For more information see: Who pays for the Mzmaren?.

War values
Cultural Cold War saw an end with the fall of communism and the end of the Cold War with it. What make the United States feel the absence of gravity of the enemy appeared to put the erosion of American interests to be followed by the clash of civilizations and put the election the enemies of Islam and Confucianism civilized alternative to communism. As for China, it has again highlighted the tusks from the field to the heavenly plane incident and the Chinese Say reactions to the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. Thus remained Muslim countries, particularly Arabic is the focus of U.S. hostility and west with him.
  The world is no longer a need to spies talented super-precision and training because the enemy is no longer worth it. So that the Arab countries and fragile states built infiltrated or possible breach easily. But President W. Bush did not want to wait and preferred that waging war shock and awe in the hope that the Arab states are falling according to the principle of dominoes in his hands. From here, the Damascus Declaration, the next station and threatened to divide the Saudi state oil and state Ag ... etc. threats. But Bush told Chirac that he is going to Iraq to face the Gog and Magog, and it seems that he and Ajhama actually leaving evidence of the Iraq war, economic disaster, despite the looting of Iraq organization. But Bush win the psychological effect of the war is a "shock and awe" which have proliferated among the peoples of the region in the absence of any Arab leader capable of protection or at least to provide relief to the Iraqi people Almlhov. On the contrary, many Arab countries have opened their territory conduit for the invading forces.
  In contrast score for the Iraqi resistance to the U.S. occupation responding to aggression and submission of human sacrifices Americans are not up to provide it. But the failure to regulate this resistance and the absence of its common value system to make Iraq a country trapped potentially explosive sectarian at each joint.
  Civil Democratic Islam: in fact, the CIA began a war of values ​​early in conjunction with the end of the Cold War through her ​​work on the industry what is known as (moderate Islam), according to the American vision of moderation in the Arab world. They used the bombing of its embassies in Africa in 1998 as a pretext to intensify the industry. It asked to ignore some verses in the Koran as an instigator of other religions. Responded to this request friendly Arab states. This Baladilfah to try CIA creating a state of balance against the Arab religious currents.
In this area report recommends the Rand Corporation of America, titled "Civil Democratic Islam" the importance of supporting traditional against Islamic fundamentalists; so as to show to the Muslim masses, to the youth and women of Muslims in the West following for Islamic fundamentalists: 1 - refute the theory of Islam and its superiority and ability. 2 - show the relationships and connections suspicious and illegal them. 3 - show the fragility of their ability to govern and backwardness. 4 - feeding factors, including the band. 5 - pay journalists to search for all the information and means that distort their reputations, showing their corruption and hypocrisy and bad literature and the weakness of their faith.
- Avoid showing any sign of respect for them and their business, or to show them as heroes, but Kjbina and Mkhpaulin and murderers and criminals so as not to Ajtzbwa anyone to sympathize with them.
This recruited CIA mouthpieces many Arab-Americans to establish this project across the studies stems from the angle that the confusion is not in Islam, but in the understanding of the Muslims for Islam and religious texts, and then place the call for re-reading of Islam according to the perception of Western liberalism, and therefore happen manipulation constants legitimacy, through research projects achieved this goal, as well as launching projects and initiatives that promise liberalism and civil versus all that is religious in Arab societies. The Agency was able to recruit some Arab-Americans to attack the Islamic religion are blunt and hurtful. At the forefront of these so-called WS. See an example of video: d. IK and atheistic Wafa Sultan.
  Unsettling democratic policy: This policy reflects a new type of international intervention, dub generation Bontekorvo b "policy destabilization of democracy." This policy is based on a "pivot to the sectors of civil society calls for change, and supporting moves through the mobilization of domestic and international media, and the invention of the Champions united for the protest movement, and Tazir international pressure on the existing authorities. That the battle is being fought under the slogans of elastic and open to interpretation, such as democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
  I've been preparing the ground for this policy is leading to chaos constructive support sectors of civil society, training and routed through studies of the dynamics of political, social, economic and "ethnic." It studies funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development researchers and research centers to carry out an Arab. In this area focused on the areas of research funded by the agency following:
   - Minorities in the Arab World (ethnic, sectarian and confessional, etc.).
   - Retrospective analysis of the factors influencing the elections and the possibilities of control.
   - The possibilities of democratic transformation.
   - Civil society and its activities.
   - Ways to support and promote the empowerment of women.
  Industry leaders of the community: It is a step on the way to the invention of the Champions united for the protest movement in the context of the policy of destabilization of democracy. They depend on the lure of the lack of conditions to get to the leadership. In exchange for ownership of the driving ambition. Which explains the affiliation of the U.S. manufacturing community leaders to marginal and lower classes in society. If we add anti-society manifested in cooperation with our understanding of the fact that these suspicious synthetic leaders of the mob. These terms are subject to special training courses in the field of lobbying and leadership issues and the selection of the most attractive as an excuse to move.
  Policy rally: step is the launch of constructive chaos across the launch protest movement after the completion of the elements of destabilization of democracy. These include the practice of a new type of non-violence training Champions Unitarian him to move. It has been a fabrication "provocative non-violence" and the violence which replaces the traditional moral wildly provocative. Nord was videotaped some examples:
   - Training on April 6 nonviolence abroad
   - Applications of nonviolence training - Girls April 6
   - Provocations and insults in a demonstration Abbasid.
   - The leaders made ​​abroad
   - Clinton receives activists adequacy and April 6 within the program of a new generation
   - Transition to chaos Alia Mahdi
   - Thugs complement of non-violence
He came to adopt the principle of non-violence as a principle basis for policy rally because the nonviolent struggle and still play a role in reducing the authority of the political regimes in the Third World and in the former Eastern Bloc countries. Says Walter Link, "in 1989, has seen more than a billion and a half billion human beings revolutions nonviolent achieved successes beyond belief ... and if we collected all the countries affected by the events and movements of non-violent to each other during the present century", which (the Philippines, South Africa, Iran ... the liberation movement in India), "the figure will increase about three billion, and increase the proportion of those fifty percent of human beings, which refutes the repeated statements alleging that non-violence does not achieve anything in real life."
Access to social and political conflict, according to the logic of non-violence represents a fundamental break with the traditional view of authority and conflict, and although it is true for many of the models and ideas that fit with different cultures.

Industry of the Arab Spring
Details of the above methods work for the CIA in the destabilization of democracy avoids awkward public opposition normal demands of their rights aggressively exploited by associations and organizations targeted by foreign-funded organizations. Therefore, what we are introducing models is as follows for the involvement of foreign intelligence for certain categories played the role of community leadership on the American way. But that these categories are launched moves and attracted ordinary people into the street without real leadership in the absence of a national project. So that foreign parties Alnhrkh these groups aim to transform communities and push it toward chaos without any alternative project. Creative chaos is a project of Americanization in the long run. Here are some examples:
   - Splinter April 6 movement expose financing
   - Serious information for members of the April 6 Movement
   - Bernard-Henri Levy and its role in the Arab Spring
   - Why the expulsion of the U.S. National Democratic Institute of Egypt, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates.
   - A series of scandals April 6 on behalf of Samir Mikhail
   - Detect hidden in the case of foreign funding

300 killed in Malaysian Air Drops as Ukraine Attack Follows Flight 370

Ukrainian crisis has entered a new phase yesterday, confirming the intensification of fighting between the government and the degree Alanfsaleyen to launch a sophisticated air missiles had killed about 300 people were on board the plane Malaysian, while the parties to the conflict have exchanged accusations over the responsibility for this disaster.
It came as Russia was concerned to respond to the sanctions resolution, the U.S. European, have threatened cold «painful» Washington, while warned President Vladimir Putin, after a telephone conversation with his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama, of «trouble» push US-Russian relations to «dead end» .
The President of Ukraine Piotr Poroshenko crash Malaysian b «terrorist act», noted the Ukrainian Interior Ministry put the death toll to more than 300, including 23 U.S. citizens. Later, Deputy Chairman of the European branch of the Malaysian Airlines Hoeb Gurtr that among the victims, 154 Dutch, 27 Australia, 23 Malaysia, 11 Indonesia, and 6 British, 4 Belgians, 4 Germans, 3 Filipinos, and a Canadian one, while the members of the crew of 15, all Malaysians.
The U.S. and Russian presidents have also discussed the plane crash of Malaysia, during a telephone conversation in which they discussed the new U.S. sanctions on Russia for its role in the Ukrainian crisis, the White House said the Kremlin.
However, the channel «Russia Today» quoted a source in the Russian aviation that civilian passenger plane Malaysian-style «Boeing - 777», was implemented trip from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, dropped at an altitude of 10 kilometers in the village of Grabovo of the province of Donetsk, was carrying 280 passengers and a crew of 15 people.
Later, cited the official site for the «Republic of Lugansk» separatism in eastern Ukraine that «Witnesses saw the Boeing 777 is under attack by a Ukrainian plane chase. After that the plane broke into two Malaysian and fell on the territory of the Republic of Lugansk. After the attack, shot down the plane, which plunged Ukrainian other is in the territory of the Republic of Lugansk ».
In international attitudes, the U.S. president described the crash Malaysian b «terrible tragedy», while both called French President Francois Hollande and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union to investigate the incident. The incident came after the disappearance of a plane Malaysian similar in the Indian Ocean region on March 8 last, was carrying 239 people.
In the meantime, an official at the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine killing all passengers and crew, while the leaders denied «People's Republic of Donetsk» pro-Russian separatist, its involvement in the shooting down of Malaysia. And carrying a member of the Security Council in the «Republic» Sergei Kavtaradzi responsibility of the Ukrainian side to drop the plane, adding that the rebels are ill-equipped with weapons to enable them to injury on this aircraft altitude.
The Ukrainian side has accused the separatist rebels shoot down aircraft using the system «Facebook» air Russian-made, but a source familiar with the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that a battalion of missiles «Facebook» belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, reached yesterday to the Donetsk region.
On the other hand, rolled Russian positions at the highest levels yesterday about U.S. sanctions European, since the Russian president said that the sanctions «have the effect of an apostate. And without a doubt it will push US-Russian relations to a standstill and caused serious damage ».
In turn, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, during a meeting with members of his cabinet yesterday, that in regards to «relations with countries that impose these sanctions, we will come back to the eighties simply». He added that «the pressure on Russia can not but be reflected in our monetary policy and priorities, where we are forced to increase interest in defense and security spending».
At the same time, the Europeans took their part sanctions slimmer, Fjmdoa programs carried out in Russia, the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The European Union has decided to target the other hand «entities» including Russian, which is accused of providing support «physically and financially» moves that threaten or undermine Ukraine's sovereignty, but the specific statute will not be completed before the end of July, said the diplomatic source.
Furthermore, officials said that seven of the NATO countries concluded maneuvers «Breeze 2014» Navy in the Black Sea, yesterday, which was led by the Bulgarian fleet and lasted ten days.

European report on the face of «jihadist»

There is the case of «alert». You can not find a more appropriate word to describe the movement to encircle the European phenomenon «jihadist» Westerners in Syria. Alert includes the intelligence services, the police, the judiciary and all that is irrelevant to the issue.

This thrust of the report of the European internal, got «Ambassador» it, prepared by the European coordinator for counter-terrorism Gilles de Kirchhoff consultation with a European foreign. The report is located in the 14 pages. Been banned publication, and him last June to the European interior ministers.
We publish the most important report to the report regarding the ongoing work with the countries of the region.
European officials complain about the lack of cooperation from Qatar. Visited Doha, and the reasons for its failure to Benoit frankly. Saudi Arabia is less reluctance, and offer its services in the field of «media war». This offer is being studied, but the irony is that whenever a problem reported «satellite» which encourages «jihadist», and said whenever the issue of «the financing of terrorism and extremism», the Gulf states are the focus of attention first. There are also recommendations seeking to publish lists of the UN engaged in a «jihad», including the facilitated and funded.
The Gilles de Kerchove, the European official to combat terrorism, the rounds on all the countries concerned with the question «jihadist». Meetings with senior security officials, in Europe and the Arab region. In his first report, the end of the year 2013, identified priorities and outline of the desired movement. Offers in his latest report, which came as an assessment of what the overall Unger, a statement on the current situation and new initiatives.
Traveled European coordinator for counter-terrorism to the Gulf States and he knows exactly what he wants. Been preparing well for meetings with security officials and politicians there. Familiarize request regular reports from the heads of European missions, and other reports of «intelligence analysis center» of the European Union. He knows what is required, away from the manipulation of political speech.
So it was pointing the narrow shown by the report of Qatar, which seemed clear that they refuse to cooperate. There are talks did not lead to anything. Each talks with other capitals been able to put an outline projects can be cooperation, to encircle the threat «jihadist», but for the balance to Doha «zero». Can see the status of discontent graduated from between the lines of evaluation of the report's authors, they assert that «the Qatari authorities seemed eager to engage in close cooperation with the European Union». Reckon that the reasons for that fall under the broad headings: «The fact that the foreign fighters are not a problem for the national authorities, and that its primary objective remains the overthrow of (Syrian President Bashar) Assad».
But discontent does not obscure pragmatism. The report recommends that continuity with Qatar «would be useful», or inevitable, especially because especially noteworthy role in the Doha «funding for different groups operating in Syria».
Saudi Arabia did not seem implacably Qatar, and there was no cooperation can be around him. Riyadh has offered to play a role in the media war waged by Europeans against propaganda for «jihad» in Syria. The report says that Saudi security officials «offered to provide expertise in several areas, such as determining the videos that include good material for anti-propaganda».
This propaganda is a European strategic elements to face the phenomenon «jihadist». But related thorny problem still stuck. Draws from Saudi officials met to discuss the importance of continuing with Riyadh in the case of «satellite channels that broadcast in Europe, and encourage Sunni Muslims to engage in the Syrian war, physically or financially».
European decision-makers are showing helplessness and confusion in how to deal with the publicity «jihadist». Draws the authors of the report that «European countries can not prevent satellite television channels, which operate in third countries, from which the broadcast, when these channels are not using the capabilities of satellites for a European country». Geographical framework of the problem and clear them for workers, as the report draws to a «number of satellite channels that broadcast from the Persian Gulf, and that they seem to attract Jhora widely in Europe». Nevertheless confirms the Europeans not to neglect the problem, and the need to keep up the pressure to solve, as the report concludes that «it is important to address this issue with the countries concerned, through the meeting of experts».
In the same context, the issue of attending the fund groups that are fighting «jihadists» where. It is also a fundamental problem has become contentious and controversial with the countries of the Arabian Gulf. The report says that there is a need to «additional map» on the financing of militant groups in Syria, and that the goal «assess and disrupt the financial flows to terrorist groups».
Talks with Gulf officials did not reach a decisive conclusion, as the report recommends that «special attention should be directed to the Gulf states that take steps to combat the financing of terrorism». He also points to the importance of passing legislation in these countries, and effective monitoring of the work of «registered charities», especially with large uncertainties lines as a funding extremist groups.
But there are gratified for Europeans to put pressure on the Gulf to combat the financing of «terrorism». In May last met with officials from the European and American equipment in a joint workshop on this issue specifically. The report explains that the discussions «focused on financial flows to terrorist and extremist groups operating in Syria». The authors report conveys great satisfaction with the results of this meeting, especially as it was called a spade without things plainly. They said that «the informal nature of the workshop contributed to the exchange of views between the free and open participant, and also about their experiences». Europeans spoke clearly about what is bothering them. They concluded that they can build on coordination with Washington to increase pressure on Gulf states to stop funding «extremism» in Syria.
The issue was the focus of consensus between the two parties, according to the report: «A exits the concrete of the meeting is the declared intention of the European Union and the United States to increase their cooperation and their coordination when engaging with the Gulf countries».
In a wider range, look European relations - Gulf in the worst stages. Last June abolished the Gulf Cooperation Council, to pay from Saudi Arabia, a ministerial meeting with the Europeans. That was an unprecedented step in the history of relations between them. Gulf officials justified solidarity with Bahrain against European criticism of its record on human rights. But a senior diplomat high-level stressed then, for «Ambassador», that there is a package of differences, starting apprehensive of a settlement with Iran over its nuclear program, and extends to disagreements over priorities in the Iraq crisis as well as restlessness Gulf than Ihssouna «easing of the European position» of the system Damascus.
But there is a new compression method is recommended by the European counter-terrorism experts, and can impose an international embargo threatens involved in supplying «jihadist» to Syria. European ministers read in the report that they have to pay to black lists issued by the United Nations, and that the purpose of «the inclusion of individuals who organize or facilitate the travel of foreign fighters».
In this context, the authors of the report refers to a strong bond. Assert «should utilize to the maximum of the sanctions regime established by Security Council resolution 1267 (on the fight against terrorism) and subsequent resolutions». Consider that by these decisions can «payment for the issuance of the United Nations lists, in addition to national lists, including individuals who facilitate and organize the travel of foreign fighters». So can impose enormous pressure. Targeted lists, that have already been released, they will apply the «freezing of financial assets and a travel ban». Member States will be at the United Nations is obliged to comply with the application, which will display the states in violation of the sanctions in turn.
Europeans are concerned with the fight against terrorism are still undecided about how to deal with the Syrian interior. They said, in their report, that «the early launch of a partnership or concrete initiatives», but with that «it is necessary to start thinking about how to engage with the Syrian communities». Was limited to the possibility in the context of the continued support of the European Union to civil society groups. The report that he can start over «active participation with actors in Syrian society in the liberated areas to understand and counter the threat of extremism». And that the relationship can be strengthened with these actors across «provide aid packages (on the application of justice, security, health, food, medicines, energy and water) that earn legitimacy of the actors in the local administration».
Tunisia has a difficult issue. European authorities asked for help in the management of the border with Libya. The report cites that her problem with Libya is not just being a transition area (transit), but for the existence of «terrorist training camps» on Libyan territory, where insurgents Tunisians gather before heading to Syria.
Comprehensive assessment of the report presents a new European initiatives, and lighting on the deficiencies that must be avoided. There are also developments in the United States to prosecute «jihadist», resonate hello Europeans.

Subject to the front page of the interface section "strategically"
Why stalled Arab region in building intellectual capital?
The idea is the basis of human evolution, and the human mind is an indispensable tool in this development, all what we have reached human achievements and capabilities due to the investment communities and nations in intellectual development, and the protection of intellectual property rights of the owners and their institutions, to ensure a motive for reflection and development to achieve sustainable economic and scientific development . So intellectual Investing is an important factor to boost economic production goal of production technologies, and hone the skills of workers, and improve the quality of education. And not to pay attention to this type of investment - especially in the Arab region - is a major cause of the deterioration of the wheel of domestic production, and lack of poise Investment Management, and the deterioration of the quality of education, and the theft of ideas, and a major cause of brain drain and the potential for the region, which further complicate the situation.
Intellectual assets and how to invest?
Intellectual assets Intellectual Assets is a collage knowledge (whether documented or not documented) of individuals, whether organized or not organized in groups within the community. This knowledge can be used to produce wealth, and double the output of the physical assets, and gain a competitive advantage, and enhance the value of other types of capital. Hence, it has become the intellectual capital is classified as a real capital; because investment and replacement of individuals amounts to investment in machines and factories, and the expenses incurred by the states in education and training (to maintain the validity of the intellectual assets), equivalent to the cost of consumption of physical assets.
This includes the intellectual capital of capital for clients, and human capital, intellectual property, and capital structural. So it is a business asset true, though, that the measure very subjective; as companies spend millions annually on training its staff in the subjects own business, and therefore Firas working capital provides a return to the company, and one of the ways that can contribute to the maturity of many years of value businesses that generate profits. So, intellectual Investing is a pumping resources and capabilities to improve the capacity of individuals and work-related technology and production. The investment in five main areas, namely:
- Patents that are in granting the inventor the right to exclude others from making, using, selling or offering for sale and importing the invention for a limited period of time, in exchange for public disclosure of the invention.
- Intellectual property rights give the copyright to port the original work, and usually for a limited period of time. The applicable copyright on a wide range of forms of intellectual, artistic, creative, or "business." The copyright does not include the same information and ideas, only the shape or the way they are expressed.
- The rights of industrial design, where protect the visual design, or drawing, or industrial model, which consists of the establishment of the shape and configuration, or configure the pattern, or color, or a combination of pattern and color in the form of three-dimensional, containing aesthetic value. If the sample is drawn for the industrial production of a product or commodity, industrial or handicraft.
- Brands: a meta tag or design or expression that distinguishes products or services.
- Trade secrets: a formula, practice, process, design, pattern, or compilation of information can not be verified is unknown, and that business owners can gain an economic advantage over competitors or customers, or to know when to use it.
This represents axes key points in protecting industries that result in the economic advancement of nations; accounting for patents, and intellectual property rights, and the rights of industrial design - the necessary protection for manufacturers and innovators and inventors from stealing their business, and to ensure the competitiveness fair that provides a fertile environment for work, thus increasing the expertise, and provide a fertile environment for investment and trade.
Economic dimensions of intellectual investment
The report of the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO for the year 2013 to the economic growth of developing countries from investing in the areas of intellectual property protection, and that there is a clear growth in investments brands relative to economic output in the economies of low-and middle-income countries.
For the private sector, there is a clear growth of trade marks;, where the value of the top three brands of 46 billion dollars to 91 billion dollars between 2008 and 2013 despite the presence of the global economic crisis; accounting for these brands major proportion of the global market value. While most brands are higher than the high-income economies, and brands of fast-growing economies of middle-income gaining some ground. In particular, the share of middle-income economies in the total value of the top 500 brands rose from 6% to 9% between 2009 and 2013. The same report also indicates that over the past four decades, the demand for brands to unprecedented levels.
After a slow start at the beginning of the twentieth century, accelerated activity brands significantly in the mid-seventies in the Office of Patents and Trademarks U.S. (USPTO), while middle-income economies, is experiencing a rapid rise in deposits brands in the late eighties and nineties; terms of the number of Deposits brands in most economies is linked to the business cycle; Accordingly, there has been a sharp decline in the number of filings, both after the boom commercial websites in the late nineties, after the beginning of the recent financial crisis.
For the economies of high-income and middle-income countries, there is an increase in the use of trademarks for GDP significantly between 1985 and 2011; terms of increased density high-income economies of the use of trademarks progress coefficient of 1.6%, and increase the middle-income economies progress coefficient of 2.6% during the this period.
Intellectual obstacles to investment
Facing intellectual property rights in the Arab world, complex problems are not remedied only a few years ago as a result of investments coming from abroad, and the arrival of international brands to the region, which provides its contracts with agents to protect intellectual property rights for those products and industries, and the fight against counterfeiting.
It is clear it in the software industry and the Internet in the region, where the lack of awareness of the danger and the true knowledge dimensions pay a lot of Internet sites Arabic to open its doors to host such violations, and flagrant violations and public intellectual property rights, especially with no real deterrent for webmasters of publishing software pirated, and limiting the role of organizations and government agencies to go after stores selling pirated software on the ground, and ignoring the virtual world, which has become an integral part of human life in the Arab countries.
The reflected echoes of the effects associated with this subject negatively on the areas of supply and distribution, and the analogy to other industries in the region. For example, the United Arab Emirates with a population of 4 million people during the past year spent nearly U.S. $ 2.7 billion on information technology, which includes computers and accessories, networking equipment, software, and information technology services. The shape of this spending to 1.5% of GDP, which contributed to the support of more than 4,400 companies operating in the field of information technology, with approximately 33400 employees of a specialist in this sector, and contributed to the $ 670 million in taxes related to information technology.
Although, it could be a contribution to the information technology sector greater if what has been reducing piracy of computer software in the UAE increased by 10% over the next four years, which would provide 710 additional functionality, and 238 million dollars in revenues of local industry, and 44 million dollars Kaaoaúd additional taxes for the federal and provincial governments and local communities.
Solutions on the table
The problem lies in the lack of sufficient awareness that intellectual investment is a pillar of stability of the industry in its various forms, and a major cause of the advancement of economies, and attracting foreign investment. So the solution lies in the existence of a mechanism for promoting intellectual property, and to ensure their protection against abuses, and to encourage research and development, especially in industries pivotal that depend fundamentally on the study and research, and another mechanism to monitor and punish violations to ensure a climate of fair competition, while preserving the rights and investments of those who provided patents and registrations for the brand by putting strict laws and regulations.
Government agencies also have an important role in supporting the intellectual investment through constructive awareness, and to facilitate the registration procedures for owners of ideas and industries, and give support to companies and individuals who apply for registration. The media can play a role in consumer awareness of the importance of buying products with the registered trademark shared by all segments of society, the adverse effects of trademark violation, and focus more on awareness on intellectual property rights.
Add to this, that the awareness of the importance of supporting national products registered will create an increase in overall demand, which will lead to real opportunities for development. The investment in the mechanisms and programs for the protection of intellectual property is also important to ensure the protection of industries and local institutions of any violations or breaches may affect the processes of production, and thus adversely affect the gross domestic product, in addition to the migration of a lot of talent to the lack of effective protection for their ideas and research.
The bottom line is, that investing intellectual in the Arab region requires the cooperation of several parties: the government, represented in the legislation, and regulators, and owners of industries and society itself; as this type of investment contributes directly to economic development and research of the state, especially in the field of industries and services Using the proceeds of investments in training and development, and research. But the biggest return is to create a fair competitive environment provides equal opportunities for innovators and manufacturers, and ensures their profits, or at least ensure the survival of many cadres may contribute to the revival of the economy effective in the region.
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